Never before has effective management of risk been so critical to achieving positive results and to enhancing a company’s reputation. Corporate boards and senior management are looking to better understand, anticipate, and mitigate risk in order to deliver the rewards of risk taking, and to minimize the frequency and impact of risk exposure.

Worldwide Insurance Associates, Inc. (WIA) is one of the most experienced international risk management companies in Latin America, specializing in the health and life insurance markets. We work with clients to develop risk management programs designed to control risk and to meet our clients’ strategic needs.

Our major client companies are insurance companies, banks and third party administrators. We work with each client company to examine its risk framework and to make any modifications that are needed to stay current with best business practices and changing industry risk profiles.

Through carefully assessing the underwriting and business risk faced by our clients in their domestic and international products and markets, we are able to identify risk management issues and major underwriting liabilities. We can then recommend programs to resolve these issues.

We apply innovative risk management solutions and technical expertise to help clients navigate the world of risk management. Our success is the result of many years spent studying, understanding and adapting to the needs of the Latin America marketplace.

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