Risk Administration Services:

We provide a variety of risk administration services to clients and reinsurers so they can effectively manage their life and health insurance risk exposures. We can recommend administrative strategies, services and techniques to control risk exposure. We have evaluated the operations of insurance companies, third party administrators, hospital networks, managed care companies and travel assistance companies.

Assessment of Domestic Risk Management Operations,
Systems & Procedures

We have conducted for our clients numerous assessments of their domestic risk management operations. These assessments were conducted for possible acquisition or sales opportunities, as well as for outsourcing arrangements. These assessments are based upon a series of measurement tools and criteria applied during a site visit and the review of pertinent information supplied by the operations areas.

Assessment of International Risk Management Operations,
Systems & Procedures

We have conducted numerous assessments for our clients of vendors in the United States and Europe with whom our clients have contracted to provide some level of international services. Usually these vendors have been contracted to provide “managed care services”. Unfortunately, in our experience, very few of these vendors can actually deliver the expected level of services.

Our assessments can help our clients determine if their international vendors are providing them with the services they contracted. These assessments are performed utilizing a series of measurement tools and criteria based upon a site visit and requested information. Since all members of our staff have previous experience in international risk management operations, we are uniquely qualified to conduct these assessments. We can provide the following:

  • Selection and Recommendation of Vendors
  • Assessment of Risk Management Processing Systems
  • Performance and Service Level Recommendations
  • Monitoring of International Risk Management Operations
  • Auditing of Risk Management Administration Performance
  • Risk Management Administration Training
  • Risk Management Educational Materials
  • Claims Audits

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