Reinsurance Services:

We provide a variety of reinsurance services to both our clients and reinsurers. These services include evaluating a client’s portfolio utilizing sophisticated data mining techniques to identify potential trends and problems; preparing an analysis of the client’s reinsurance needs; and recommending the conditions and strategies for reinsurance placement. Our reinsurance services include:

Reinsurance Consulting Services:

  • Claims Database Analysis
  • Claims Profiles
  • Reinsurance Structure and Strategy
  • Reinsurance Slip Conditions and Treaty Language
  • Reinsurance Reporting/Reinsurance Statement of Accounts
  • Reinsurance Renewal Evaluations

We have analyzed some of the largest medical claim databases in Latin America. We have found that each client’s database has a unique structure that requires careful analysis prior to developing credible claims profiles.

Reinsurance Administration Support Services:

For those clients and reinsurers who prefer to have their staff focus on the day-to-day risk management business, they can outsource these functions to our staff:

  • Statement of Accounts
  • Claims Bordereaux
  • Claims Cash Calls
  • Claims Reporting
  • Large Claims Notification
  • Large Claims Monitoring
  • Claims Audit
  • Claims Evaluations
  • Monitoring of Large Claims
  • Statement of Account Audits

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